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<book grading guide>

The following is the system used for grading books:
  • New  ~ New unread copy.  There may be slight signs of storage / shelving.  This is the condition you would expect to find in a high street bookstore or on mail-order.
  • Fine ~ The book appears to be in excellent condition.  Tight bright and clean.  Appears almost as new.  A closer look may reveal some light signs of previous ownership, such as shelf-rubbing.  On the whole, the book is in perfect condition.
  • Very Good + ~ Less than excellent condition with no more than minor signs of previous ownership.  Still a tight bright and clean copy, with no reading crease to the spine.
  • Very Good ~ The book is used but well looked after: it does show some signs of previous ownership.  The binding is firm and the book is clean. There may be some age toning / foxing to pages, slight reading creases to spine or cover, or inscriptions from the previous owner (typically their name or words of presentation).
  • Good  ~ The book is well used with obvious signs of ownership: the cover and contents may have faded in colour and there may be creases, wear and inscriptions.  However the book is still intact and perfectly readable.
  • Reading copy ~ The book has obvious defects such as looseness or other problems associated with age and / or mishandling.  However all pages are accounted for, and the book is still an acceptable reading copy.
  • Poor ~ A book described as in poor condition may have more value in relation to its collectibility than its readability.  The condition will vary from book to book: one may be badly worn but intact, while another may have missing pieces or pages.  Please pay particular attention  to the description in the listing.

N.B. where a double grading is given, the latter refers to the dust-jacket, wrapper or cover



   Styling, Culture and Fashion

Geraldine Biddle-Perry, Sarah Cheang
Berg publishers
320pp, bibliog, index, 80 bw illus
Hair: Styling, Culture and Fashion explores the social importance of hair, wherever it grows, explaining the cultural significance of hair and hairiness, and presenting a new critical engagement with hair and its stories, histories, performances and rituals.




<comic grading guide>

For the sake of consistency in describing comic books, <the edition books> deploys the gradings system favoured by Comics Price Guide.

gem mint: 10.0  /  mint: 9.9
Near perfect. Particularly rare to find books earlier than 1990 in such fine condition.
There is no surface wear and the cover is bright and without loss of lustre. There is no writing without or within. Corners point and are without crease. Internally tight bright and clean.

near mint/mint : 9.8 /  near mint : 9.6
Near to mint comics may have minor defects, typically slight stress lines by the staples.  The cover may have minor loss of colour ink (it may be chipped or flaked in older books) however it will not be faded. However the staples are rust free.  Corners may be slightly blunted.
There may be minor bindery tears (less than 1/16 inch) and superficial binding and/or printing defects. Internally as new, possibly with neat arrival dates either stamped or written in pencil or ink.
According to Comic Price Guide, notations on the cover or the inside are seen a bonus by collectors as they help provide provenance.

near mint: 9.4  / near mint - : 9.2
Colours are vibrant and pages are clean tight and supple to the touch. There may be some minor stress lines, no larger than 1/4 inch, at the spine but this does not break the colour surface. There may be some minor discoloration of the staples. Internal pages may be slightly off white.

very fine-near mint: 9.0 / very fine + : 8.5 / very fine: 8.0 / very fine - : 7.5
Has been read but handled with care. There are some defects, such as a small cover fold or crease. There may be some marks on spine. The cover may have some chipping or slight surface wear but also keeps its original gloss.

fine-very fine: 7.0 / fine + : 6.5 / fine: 6.0 / fine - : 5.5
This has been well-read.  The comic may have a major defect such as a piece out of the cover or a tear up to one inch long. There may be many stress lines around the staples as well as creases due to opening and closing the cover.  Internal pages may have age tone, but are not brittle. The spine may be rolled and there may be some colour loss or minor soiling. There may be minor tears and folds, and the cover may have loosened by one staple. An otherwise Very Fine comic, but with a tape repair to the internal cover, may be graded as Fine.

very good- fine: 5.0  /  very good + : 4.5  / very good: 4.0 /  very good  - :3.5
A complete copy, but with major creases, spine roll, loss of cover gloss.  Internal pages may be yellow with small pieces missing. There may be a piece missing from the cover no larger than ½ inch. May be scuffed and soiled, but is still a readable copy.

good - very good: 3.0  / good: + : 2.5 / good: 2.0  / good - : 1.8
A readable copy with many of the above defects, but no missing pages.

fair - good : 1.5  /  fair: 1.0
Copy is heavily worn and tattered. Will have all pages and most of the covers. Heavy creases and folds with low paper quality. Spine and cover may be split and staples may be missing. Copy may be brittle. Tape repair may be extensive.
poor: 0.5
Many major defects potentially with mildew, cover abrasion, heavy defacing with paints etc. Inside pages may be extremely brittle.